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Popping the Crypto Bubble

I've been bearish (medium term) on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies for a long time, and have sold most of mine. I sold half at $700 when it first doubled from my buy-in price. The crypto currency bubble of 2017-2018 was much larger than I expected.

While it is incredibly difficult to make accurate predictions, I'm trying. For the past several months (maybe mid-2017), I've been thinking we're overdue for a long bear market similar to 2013-2015. And the more the price increased, the more prolonged and deeper the bear market will be.

Philadelphia Tax Abatements Mapped

Map of 10 year Property Tax Abatements
These are controversial as they subsidized upper-middle class housing, while taking money away from the city and school district. The goal is to encourage development and long term growth in the property tax base, but the tax abatements might just be subsidizing a "back to the city" trend that is caused by external factors.

Spatial Justice Test - Uploading CSV bug fixed

You can once again upload a CSV file with latitudes and longitudes to the Spatial Justice Test to analyze how the race and income of people changes at various distances from a set of points.

Philly Socialists and the Philadelphia Tenants Union - A Review Two Years Later

I'm reviewing the original Philadelphia Tenants Union proposal that was proposed by David Thompson and Tim Horras for the Philly Socialists in August 2015. At that time, Tim Horras was chair of the organization. And David Thompson currently is chair.

For the record, I'm currently a dues-paying, but inactive, Philly Socialists member. I was very active in August 2015 and before.

Their proposal (see below) might have been slightly modified (before adoption) to include more of a time line.

Mapping Redlining

This is a great map of redlining in the US in 1935 and 1940. They've digitized historical data for large cities.

Predicting the Philadelphia District Attorney Primary - May 16, 2017

I have developed a very tentative prediction model for the Philadelphia District Attorney's race and the Democratic primary on May 16, 2017.

The incumbent, Seth Williams, dropped out due to corruption. This left the city with a wide-open race. The Democratic party establishment has not endorsed anyone. Instead individual Democratic leaders have spread their support among the seven candidates.

My model is based on several weighted factors. The weights are somewhat arbitrary. For instance, I would give polling more weight if there were independent polls and more polls in general.

US Presidential Election Results by Precinct

This super high resolution map of US presidential election results (2008, 2012, and 2016) by precinct is amazing.

It's by Decision Desk HQ which is a pro-Democrat polling and analysis organization with a strong record.

Larry Krasner, Ending Mass Incarceration, Philadelphia District Attorney race

Larry Krasner is running for Philadelphia District Attorney on a platform of ending mass incarceration. He is a long-time defense attorney who has defended numerous activists in court and has longstanding ties to social movements.

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