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How I make Aged Vegan Camembert Cashew Cheese

How I make Aged Vegan Camembert Cashew Cheese
By Aaron Kreider

Edit: This is only 99.9% vegan. It turns out that mesophilic culture is cultivated on lactose. You can replace it with vegan probiotic pills/powder, or homemade rejeuvelac. Geotrichum candidum is also made on lactose. HP 6 Penicillum Candidum is vegan. Other variants of penicillium candidum are made on lactose.

Sangean 803a / Realistic DX440 Shortwave modification for extended coverage

It's unfortunate that one of the few pieces of work / innovation that I've done that is not actually archived on the internet (at least so far as I can tell) is my description of how to modify the Sangean 803a (and presumably it works for clones like the Realistic DX-440) shortwave radio so that it can get an increased range of frequencies.

The Sangean 803a was my first digital shortwave radio. It served me well when I bought it in 1989 or 1990 until the time that it broke. To this day, the radio's keypad and usability surpassed that of all the other radios I've owned.

Fixing the Eufy Robovac S11 - Bumper Stuck Error

Over a year ago my partner and I invested in a Eufy Robovac S11, basic robot vacuum, primarily to clean up the living room as we get a lot of mess from the cat and catbox (as well as ourselves).

The robot vaccuum is relatively dumb. It has a hard time finding its way back to the battery charger, requires that the floor be clear of all cords and strings (ex. shoe laces, thin powercords, cat toys) and it spends a lot of time bumping into things.

Crypto Bubble - Popping Take 2

As I write this the bitcoin price just hit $3223 (Bitstamp) - a mere $13 above its yearly low. Bitcoin is down 84% from its all-time high.

The short version is that things look very bearish, and nobody knows how far it will drop.

That said there are two (or three) past bitcoin bubbles (and a couple major stock market bubbles) that have had 85%-90% corrections.

It's better to have a wide ranging target (like $1100 to $3000), than a fixed one ($3000).

Popping the Crypto Bubble

I've been bearish (medium term) on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies for a long time, and have sold most of mine. I sold half at $700 when it first doubled from my buy-in price. The crypto currency bubble of 2017-2018 was much larger than I expected.

While it is incredibly difficult to make accurate predictions, I'm trying. For the past several months (maybe mid-2017), I've been thinking we're overdue for a long bear market similar to 2013-2015. And the more the price increased, the more prolonged and deeper the bear market will be.

Philadelphia Tax Abatements Mapped

Map of 10 year Property Tax Abatements
These are controversial as they subsidized upper-middle class housing, while taking money away from the city and school district. The goal is to encourage development and long term growth in the property tax base, but the tax abatements might just be subsidizing a "back to the city" trend that is caused by external factors.

Spatial Justice Test - Uploading CSV bug fixed

You can once again upload a CSV file with latitudes and longitudes to the Spatial Justice Test to analyze how the race and income of people changes at various distances from a set of points.

Philly Socialists and the Philadelphia Tenants Union - A Review Two Years Later

I'm reviewing the original Philadelphia Tenants Union proposal that was proposed by David Thompson and Tim Horras for the Philly Socialists in August 2015. At that time, Tim Horras was chair of the organization. And David Thompson currently is chair.

For the record, I'm currently a dues-paying, but inactive, Philly Socialists member. I was very active in August 2015 and before.

Their proposal (see below) might have been slightly modified (before adoption) to include more of a time line.

Mapping Redlining

This is a great map of redlining in the US in 1935 and 1940. They've digitized historical data for large cities.

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