New New Student Movement(s)

I think Students for a Free Culture is about as new of a new student movement as you can get!

I'm stealing the term from "new social movement" - which really dates back to the seventies so I added a second "new" to it.

The open source movement has been around for a relatively long time, however it looks like it will reach into mainstream culture by transforming itself into a Transparency movement that addresses the need to open up our culture and institutions of power, while maintaining our right to privacy.

It will be interesting to observe to what extent this movement tackles the issue of concentrated power - in the hands of corporations and the state. Will it be a progressive movement? Or will it fall into the trap of libertarianism?

It is a movement that could choose to be explicitly progressive, or it could go for a cultural base in tech (computer/communications/media) minded geeks that is mildly liberal, but allows people from all over the political spectrum to get involved. If it does the latter, it will differ from most student activist groups which typically explicitly adopt a set of progressive values on race, gender, class, peace, sexual orientation, and the environment.