Progressive Voting Guide - US President 2012

One of the advantages of not being an official nonprofit organization is that I can explicitly endorse candidates. Official nonprofits are limited to doing biased voting guides. Like this one =)

This is a small sampling.

US War on Iraq
Romney - For
Obama - Against, but for the occupation
Stein (Green Party) - Against

US War on Afghanistan
Romney - For
Obama - For. Increased number of US troops.
Stein - Against

US Military Spending
Romney - increase
Obama - increased it while president, now running on small reductions. Would maintain US military spending at about 40% or more of the total global military spending.
Stein - cut military spending and transfer money to economic development.

Same Sex Marriage
Romney - against
Obama - neutral. After a majority of people in the US started to support it he came out in favor of it but hasn't taken much action, other than to allow LGB (unsure about T) to serve in the imperialistic US military
Stein - for

Green Jobs Program
Romney - against
Obama - small
Stein - big one

Climate Change
Romney - believes in it, but doesn't want to alienate his supporters
Obama - is taking small steps in both directions. Favors green jobs, wind, and solar but also evil things like clean coal, fracking, nuclear power, biomass incineration (burning trees, crops, etc) and the military (largest polluter in the US).
Stein - would stop it

Economic Justice
Romney - 1%
Obama - would take small steps to increase it through mild improvements to the tax system. Still wants corporate tax cuts and ignores poverty.
Stein - supports a living wage, guaranteed income that would lift everyone out of poverty, single payer health-care.

Corporate Control of the Media
Romney - for
Obama - for (has a better position on the funding of PBS and NPR, both of which are partially funded by corporations, which is a marginal issue compared to the billions spent by corporations to dominate the radio and tv spectrum)
Stein - against. Wants to democratize the media.

Romeny - supports apartheid state of Israel
Obama - supports apartheid state of Israel
Stein - supports democracy / self-determination for Palestine and all of its people, and the return of the refugees.

Civil Liberties
Romney - against
Obama - against
Stein - for

Criminal Injustice System
Romney - for
Obama - for
Stein - against. End the war on drugs and support rehabilitation.

Drones killing Civilians
Romney - for
Obama - for
Stein - against