Justice Map - Updated Income Data (ACS - 2013)

I updated Justice Map to use the American Community Survey income data from 2013. So it now uses the five year summary/average of 2009-2013 for the API, when you click on the map, and for the map tile layers. The one exception is Puerto Rico which still uses the old data from 2007-2011.

I also created a very basic map that shows the changes in income between the 2011 American Community Survey and the 2013 one. It is at the census tract level - so a lot of the changes are within the confidence interval and are not significant. This makes it harder to see trends, and also two years isn't enough for major trends. But you can see some trends. For instance, the oil/gas boom appears to be causing income to increase in North Dakota (and possibly the Marcellus Shale in PA). And in Philadelphia there is an income increase in Center City and much of South Philadelphia (areas with property booms).

In the future, I will add the income for each American Community Survey to the API - so you can compare them.