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Top Myths about the Ineffectiveness of Third Party Voting

There are a lot of misconceptions among American liberals, progressives, and radicals about how the political process in the United States works. Most people feel that they are trapped in a system where they must choose between two political parties (Democrats and Republicans) if they want their vote to count. In fact, I will argue that voting for either of these political parties is the least effective thing you can do!

Myth #1
Your vote for a D or R candidate will make a difference in the election outcome.

Reducing Your Water Consumption

As I recently bought a house, I have been researching how to reduce the house's consumption of water and energy.

We have a 90 year old triplex in Philadelphia.

Anti-Biomass Incineration Newsletter

If you want to stop global warming then you need to know about the False Solution known as "Biomass Energy" (it produces CO2, methane, particulate matter, SO2, NOx, and other harmful impacts). The Energy Justice Network is building a network of activists fighting biomass incinerators and working for clean energy alternatives.

You can subscribe to the monthly Biomass Monitor.

Light Pollution Map - Where to See the Aurora Borealis

Montreal Daily Demonstrations Map

This is a twitter based map on the daily demonstrations in Montreal by the Quebec Student Movement. They are getting their exercise! So far 9 miles tonight.

Mapping the Death Penalty

This map does a good job of showing the types of countries that use the death penalty and those that don't.

Subsidizing Energy Injustice - Fossil Fuels just released this image counter that tracks how much the government is subsidizing fossil fuels. I am not sure if this amount is just the federal government or if it includes the states as well.

This doesn't include subsidies for other forms of dirty energy including biomass incinerators, landfill gas, trash incinerators, and other incinerators (tire, poultry waste, etc).

Streaming the Revolution: from Indymedia Radio to Livestream / UStream

Date: Nov 30th, 1999.
Location: Notre Dame, Indiana.

I had heard rumors of a big mobilization for the anti-WTO protest in Seattle, but I had ignored them and Seattle was very far from Notre Dame (and I was cheap). Also I was trying to complete my course work on time (ahem!). However for the first time I could follow everything online with Seattle Indymedia's radio station!

Quebec Students on General Strike: Student Unionism in Practice

The Quebec Student General Strike is now in its 13th week as students oppose proposed dramatic increases in tuition. Quebec students have the lowest tuition in Canada and also have the most active and radical student movement. Today the conservative Quebec government just announced that it was closing the colleges and universities on strike until August as negotiations with the students were unsuccessful.

You can follow the demonstrations in Montreal on
CUTV on LiveStream

Broadband Map for the United States

The National Broadband Map has some neat maps. For instance the speed test one shows that real speeds are slower than advertised ones in my area (but surprisingly in some areas they are actually slower than real speed).

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