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Justice Map Released!

Justice Map is finished and ready for public use!

Features include
-Block level resolution of race. You can zoom in as far as you want. No other website lets you do this on census data.
-100 GB+ of generated image tiles. My computer spent days generating and processing image tiles just for you!
-Save as Image. You can save the map as an image or a high-resolution image.
-Drawing tools. You can add a marker, polygon, line, or circle to the map and save it.

So you want to #occupywallstreet (Occupy Wall Street)

I've been watching the project to Occupy Wall Street.

How To Occupy - collection of resources

Twitter: #occupywallstreet

National list of occupation

Video Feeds
List of all the feeds: Occupy Stream

Revolution Indicators - New Website Launch (beta)

Check out my new website:
Indicators of Revolution

(Now new url -

Collaborative Writing: Progressive Strategy Handbook

It is great to see people collaboratively writing materials for liberals, like the Progressive Strategy Handbook that recently came out. I like how you can print it out yourself, write comments, and users have essentially invested in it.

Mapping Human Development Index in the US

This map is insanely good

Income, race, education, health, political participation and more -- all presented in a user friendly format.

The only downside is that their smallest area is a Congressional District. They should have done zip codes! More work, but so much more logical.

Join the Energy Justice Community Map

We have over 80 users of our Energy Justice Community Map project and the website is picking up speed!

If you care about the planet and the people who live on it, you might consider getting involved in the grassroots movement to stop global warming and the pollution caused by power plants and dirty waste facilities.

While governments fail to take anywhere near sufficient action, my guess is that in 10-20 years we are going to see tens of thousands of people blockading and occupying power plants. It might look like the return of the Civil Rights movement or something totally different.

How a Non-Neutral Net Could Benefit You

We do not know what a non-Neutral Internet would look like. It might
actually benefit most activist or nonprofit organizations. Here is how that *might* happen...

Detroit Incinerator - Mapping Income - United States Social Forum 2010

This is my first take on mapping income near the Detroit Incinerator.
They are going to have a big protest of the facility during the US Social Forum.

I'm using Census 2000 data and FactFinder. Per capita income is from
1999. I copied and pasted FactFinder images together for the 482xx
series of zip codes. You can see that the incinerator (marked as black

Census Data - Income and Race by Zip Code

I wanted a database of race and income by zip code for the US for the Energy Justice Network Map to demonstrate how facilities are placed in areas where people of color and/or poor people live.

I got this from the Census Bureau. So the race data is from 2000 and household income is from 1999 (in 1999 dollars). Since these facilities were built anywhere from 0 to 70 years ago, it is probably fine to use old data.

You can download the data in SQL format

-zip code
-total population
-population white

A Tracking Poll for Radicals

I love polls. I can spend hours looking at the crosstabs. Unfortunately the issues that I care the most about are rarely asked in commercial polls. They miss the fundamental radical questions that get at the root of social problems.

I want to know
-what radicals think of Obama over time (and compare that to the Green Party, Ralph Nader, etc)
-how Trotskyites are doing versus anarchists and socialists
-what radicals think about LGBT marriage
-the ebb and flow of revolutionary sentiment (percent of activists who want to overthrow the US government)

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