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Upcoming Activist Events - Importing into Google Calendar and other calendars

You can import the events from into Google Calendar, your website calendar, and other calendars by using these links:
Upcoming Events
All Events

These feeds are based on the iCal format which is widely used by calendars.

When the calendar updates, then your calendar will as well!

One, Two, Three, Many Disorientation Guides

I think there has been a dramatic increase in the popularity of Disorientation Guides.

These date back to the Sixties, when activists started handing out an alternative guide to the university and community to counter the propaganda of the administration (and the regular student manual).

They continued to be popular in the 80s and 90s due to the efforts of the Progressive Student Network and later the Movement for Democracy and Education.


My community has several capitalists exploiting the working class and we need you to send us union organizers!

I've found an original version of Marx's Das Kapital in my community and apparently he was actually against a massive state apparatus. Someone tell the Leninists!

I think an activist version of the Facebook game "Farmville" could be fun, educational, and popular.

A Partial List of Reoccuring Activist Conference

I've started tracking annual activist conferences to help populate the calendar. Here is my current list (obviously just a small fraction of all the conferences, but it's a start). Some of these have been going on for over ten years. Apologies for the bad formatting.

I welcome any additions!!!
Email me:

Annual Conferences (sort by Date, or at least by season)

Spring Annual Conferences

Australian Activism Network

I'm working with several Australian activists who are interested in creating an Australian activism network using this software.

If you want to get involved in this project (eg. if you live in or near Australia) - email me: Update

You haven't seen any serious changes to as I've been focussing on creating a customized version of this software that would serve as a networking resource for activists fighting power plants.

The Action Center (of Philadelphia, PA) is creating a website that will map all the power plants in the US, as well as connect activists who are opposing them.

We're working with a lot of government data. Developing some fancy searches. Doing some cool things with mapping. So it's a lot of work. There should be a basic version online by June 1.

Non-Student Events - National Activism Calendar

The goal of this website ( and is to serve both students and non-students.

However, if you look at our list of upcoming events you will see that around 80% of them are student related. Here are several reasons for this:

1. This site is better plugged into student networks. You might think this is the major reason, but I hypothesize that a key reason is that there are a lot more student grassroots activisty conferences than non-student ones.

Activism Network - Features - Personalized Home Page

Yesterday I uploaded the latest changes to the software. Now when you log in it will remember you as the default. Logging in will take you to a personalized home page where you can see:

-Events targetted to your location (includes local events that would otherwise not show up on the website, though you would get them by email)

-Nearby new people and groups

-New resources (same as on the site's homepage)

-Updates from your friends

-A list of your friends

-A control panel

-A status update - "Aaron is..."

Activism Network - More Features

The latest version (3.3) of the software is now up and running on and

So far, I've noticed very few bugs. Users are uploading pictures and filling out parts of the longer profile. So far I haven't noticed as many comments or resource ratings.

As always, you can see a list of features that I'm considering implementing.

Currently I'm on a community kick. So I want to create a better landing page for people when they log in. A page that includes a customized events calendar (including local events), links to their friends, and other info.

3.3 Release

Activism Network 3.3 is currently online at

I'll upgrade soon and do a release in a week or so (once I iron out some of the bugs).

Start writing comments, filling out your personal profile, adding friends, inviting friends to join, uploading photos, and rating the resources!

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