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Justice Map - Updated Income Data (ACS - 2013)

I updated Justice Map to use the American Community Survey income data from 2013. So it now uses the five year summary/average of 2009-2013 for the API, when you click on the map, and for the map tile layers. The one exception is Puerto Rico which still uses the old data from 2007-2011.

We Need: A Spam Detecting Web Service

Someone, perhaps Google, should make a web service that rates pure text and gives it a spam score.

Most webmasters are inundated with spam. It can be sent via email (the traditional method) or by a form. Form spam is commonly seen in blog comments, forum posts, and any other type of form you can think of (ex. a join our site form).

Using a similar algorithm to that which is used to detect email spam, one should be able to have a service that would take a text and an IP address, and output a spam score.

NuSOAP Release

NuSOAP has a new release out - 0.7.3. If you want to do web services with php I recommend using it.

There is a small NuSOAP community that I'm hoping will grow. We're encouraging people to use the forum on sourceforge.net for support (and retiring the email list).


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