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How I make Aged Vegan Camembert Cashew Cheese

How I make Aged Vegan Camembert Cashew Cheese
By Aaron Kreider

Edit: This is only 99.9% vegan. It turns out that mesophilic culture is cultivated on lactose. You can replace it with vegan probiotic pills/powder, or homemade rejeuvelac. Geotrichum candidum is also made on lactose. HP 6 Penicillum Candidum is vegan. Other variants of penicillium candidum are made on lactose.

Vegan Fake Meat Reviews

Here are some of my favorite vegan fake meats. Not in order.

1. Tofurky Italian Sausage.
While their fake turkey product gets very mixed reviews, their fake sausage is amazing! Trader Joes sells Italian Sausage for $2.99.

I pan fry it. It is great for summer grilling! It goes well by itself or in pasta. There are several other varieties that are carried by Whole Foods and other stores.

2. Field Roast Sausages

Easy Recipe for Sourdough Bread using a Bread Machine

I've been making a lot of sourdough bread using a machine. Here is my simple recipe.

First you need to get a bread machine. I think the main advantage of getting a fancy one would be so you could customize the times for each action (rise time, wait time, etc). I get along fine with my Sunbeam machine.

How to Make Killer Pizza (Vegan or non-Vegan)

For the past year I've been making a lot of pizza and have learned the most important things to do to make a good pizza.

You can go crazy overboard with specifics and spend hundreds of hours perfecting your pizza. If you want to do this, I recommend joining and reading the online forum: PizzaMaking.com

(I made this pizza by heating my old oven to 525, baked it regularly and then broiled for 1-2 minutes at 1 inch away from the broiler's heating elements for extra crisp.)

Gardening Indoors with Grow Lights

This summer I grew several herbs, primarily basil. I grew them from seed, starting them off in my south-facing window. Then when the massive tree that dwarfs our house grew leaves, I moved them outside. First I put them in the backyard, but I eventually moved them to our only sunny spot - the sidewalk.

Vegan Jerkey

I highly recommend Stonewall Jerkey as a tough tasty vegan treat that comes in many different flavors.

The one problem is that it is too salty - so don't eat 4 oz of it at a time like I do.

Buying it online is the way to go if you want to save money. The website for Lumen Foods is horrible, but it does work.

I haven't tried it yet, but I think the jerky could make good sandwich material.

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