Legalize 50/50 Raffles!
(Facilitator: Shasta High School Student Union )
Currently under the California Penal Code (Section 320.5), fundraising "50/50" raffles are illegal. These raffles entail that a winner is randomly selected, typically by ticket. The winner is then awarded half of the overall earnings. The other half goes to the charitable cause. Many high schools use these 50/50 raffles because they are highly profitable and require no up-front purchases of any kind. The game is fair, and it is pretty well understood that buying a ticket usually constitutes a donation. However, under the current law, these raffles are banned because less than 90% of the overall earnings are offered to the high school or charitable cause.

Our student group would like to see a bill in the California State Legislature next year to amend this law. Please contact us or write letters to your district representative.
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Added on 02-27-2006
Updated on 03-08-2006

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