Examining Whiteness: An Academic Conference on White Privilege and Racism

Starting Date: 04-04-2008
Ending Date: 04-05-2008

Allegheny College
Meadville, Pennsylvania 16335
United States
Allegheny College is pleased to host a two-day conference on whiteness and
racism titled "Examining Whiteness: An Academic Conference on White Privilege
and Racism in America" on April 4-5, 2008. Keynote speakers will be Lucius
Outlaw (Vanderbilt University), Shannon Sullivan (Pennsylvania State
University), Charles Mills (Northwestern University), and Linda Martin Alcoff (Syracuse
University). The presentations of these four eminent philosophers of race on
April 4 will anchor the undergraduate conference held all day April 5.
Undergraduate students are invited to present their own work either in the form of
complete papers or as a part of panel discussions.
Detailed information about the conference, including a call for papers and
panels, registration forms and fees, biographies of the invited speakers, and
an electronic version of the conference poster can be found at the
_conference homepage_ (http://www.allegheny.edu/warehouse/redirect.php?id=1&id2=166) .
I invite you and your students to attend and participate in this exciting
opportunity for our region. Direct all inquiries and questions to _Eric Boynton_
(mailto:eboynton@allegheny.edu) .
Eric Boynton, Ph.D.
Allegheny College
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
520 N. Main St.
Meadville, PA 16335

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