Good Jobs, Green Jobs: National Conference

Starting Date: 03-13-2008
Ending Date: 03-14-2008

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States
Good Jobs, Green Jobs will feature a variety of expert keynotes and thought-provoking panel discussions.

Workshops and Plenary Presentations. The conference will alternate between plenary and breakout sessions, which will allow all practitioners to explore new ideas and exchange best practices. Both plenary presentations and breakout sessions will focus on strategies for developing a robust, green economy. Less time will be spent describing various environmental threats and problems. The conference will focus on how solutions to environmental challenges can be used to drive economic development and create successful and profitable businesses.

Plenary presentations include:
Green for All: A New Agenda for America
Scaling up to Meet the Challenge: The role of government in green job growth.
Rules of the Road in the Global Economy: Ensuring green jobs and green investment in North America.
The Right Signals: How can we develop a mix of investment policies that will send the right signals to capital markets?
The Future of Green Architecture
Strategies for Change: Public Policy in the Public Arena

More than a dozen discussion panels are planned throughout the two-day conference. Panel topics include the following:
How Wind and Bio-fuels Are Rebuilding the Midwest
The Potential Growth of Biomass in Rural America
Strategies for Rebuilding the Heartland with Clean Energy and Efficiency
Retooling Local Economic Development Planning: Commercializing Renewable Energy
The Reach of REACH
Creating Demand for Green Chemistry
From Brownfields to Green Cities: Creating Jobs While Cleaning Toxic Sites
Green Jobs Around the World
Renewable Energy Success Stories
Building Power; Bringing About Change
Green Jobs and the Domestic Auto Industry
The US Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement: Can Climate Protection Drive Job Creation?
The Relevance of Trade
Public Sector Investment
Jobs and State Global Warming Regulation
Creating Jobs Through Energy Efficiency
Geographical Scope: National

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