Student Sierra Coalition National Grassroots Conference

Starting Date: 08-08-2003
Ending Date: 08-11-2003

West Burke, Vermont
United States
You'll want to be in West Burke, Vermont because that's where the SSC's National Grassroots Conference will be! Details below - Register TODAY!

***Invited Keynote Speakers***
- Dave Foreman (Founder, The Wildlands Project)
- Bill McKibben (Author, The End of Nature)

Join the Sierra Student Coalition and college and high school environmental activists from across the nation this August for a weekend of excitement, inspiration, learning and planning for another year of protecting the planet. From its first day in office, the Bush Administration has declared a preemptive strike on our environment. We must come together to fight for the things we care about ? clean air and water, wilderness protection, environmental justice, a global economy based on fairness and environmental protection, and more.

Take a weekend this summer away from your job, internship, or vacation, and spend it in Vermont - for our forests facing chainsaws, for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge facing oil drills, for communities faced with pollution and urban sprawl. Come to the SSC National Grassroots Conference to meet fellow activists from across the country, learn about environmental issues of national and local importance, refresh your spirit in the Green Mountains of Vermont, and help the SSC plan for another year of holding the line against polluters and the Bush administration!

The weekend will feature:
Great speakers and inspiration from fellow young people who are as passionate as you are about protecting the Earth.
Workshops on the SSC?s national campaigns, including Fair Trade, Arctic Wilderness, and the new Clean Energy Program
Opportunities to meet student environmental leaders from across the country, and to plan activities for the coming year with SSCers from your area (especially New England)
The chance to discuss issues and opportunities for the student environmental movement like environmental justice and the 2004 Presidential election, and how you can play a role.
A face-to-face meeting of the SSC National Grassroots Council (made up of representatives from SSC campus groups) and the newly-elected SSC Executive Committee, which creates the policies and budget for the organization.
Setting the direction for the SSC for the 2003-2004 school year, and creating a vision for how we can build the SSC and the entire student environmental movement
Hanging out and enjoying the forests and mountains of Vermont... and as much more fun as you can pack into one weekend!!!
You can also stick around until Wednesday, August 13 to join in trainings from the SSC?s Trainings Department and from outside professionals that will teach skills to national leaders and also grassroots campus leaders. Trainings will include: Advanced Media, Fundraising, Building a strong campus group, and more.

You - yes you! - are invited (along with fellow environmental leaders from your school) to join the national leaders and campus groups of the Sierra Student Coalition at the SSC?s 2003 National Grassroots Conference. It?ll be the kick off for another year with the nation?s largest, most effective, student-run environmental organization. You'll have the option to stay until August 13 to join in extra activist trainings. All Sierra Student Coalition campus groups are encouraged to send one or more representatives to the National Conference. Individual activists are also strongly encouraged to come! You?ll get to participate in the SSC?s National Grassroots Council, which brings together grassroots activists to help guide the SSC, share ideas, and more.

1. The SSC National Grassroots Conference will be held Friday, August 8 ? Sunday, August 10, 2003 at the Cheney House State Park, near West Burke, Vermont. It is FREE for all participants, although we ask for a donation of up to $20 to cover the cost of the site and food. All meals will be provided from Friday through Sunday, and if you stick around, until Wednesday. Vegetarian and vegan food will be available and plentiful!

2. Lodging at the Cheney House will be rustic. Plan on bringing a sleeping bag, pad, and pillow, and other appropriate personal items. We will provide group tents but participants are encouraged to bring a personal tent.

3. The Cheney House State Park is in northeast Vermont, about 1 hour from Montpelier. It is accessible by car. Transportation to the site can be provided from the nearest bus stop, train station, or airports (Burlington, VT and Manchester, NH), provided participants arrive by 7pm on Friday and leave no earlier than 3pm on Sunday. If you stay for the trainings until August 13, plan on leaving no earlier than noon on Wednesday, August 13.
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