Moblization Against the FTAA in Miami

Starting Date: 11-18-2003
Ending Date: 11-22-2003

Miami, Florida
United States
The FTAA is coming to Miami where ministers will be meeting from November 20-21.

START NOW TO STOP THE FTAA! Come down to Florida for the week to Fight for Fair Trade.
Four years ago in February of 1999 in Seattle, a motley network of 80 activists first came together to plan for the civil society mobilization against the WTO. Similarly historic meetings are regularly taking place in Miami, throughout Florida and around the country to begin planning the civil society welcome for the FTAA with events scheduled for November 17th 21st in downtown Miami.

Be a part of this mobilization against corporate-controlled globalization and help Stop the FTAA!

There are already plans for: Teach-ins and seminars, reality tours, concerts and forums, rallies and marches, and many more ways to get our Fair Trade message out!

Folks from Florida and around the country will be joined by activists from around the world linking the local issues to the global fights, while building solidarity and alternatives.
Geographical Scope: National

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