HEAR & NOW: An Interactive Oral History Exhibit

Starting Date: 04-12-2018
Starting Time: 5:00pm

The Social Hall, Union Theological Seminary
3041 Broadway At 121st Street
Manhattan, New York 10025
United States
On Thursday, April 12, 2018, an interactive exhibit will be curated by the students and faculty of Columbia’s Oral History Master of Arts program. Please RSVP on our Eventbrite page.

From grade school we learn that History is the Thing that Happened. The bell rings and we leave History in a closed textbook, a specific classroom, and carry on with our day. We consume media, we process news, we have conversations, we think about tomorrow. But in doing so we are participating in history: constantly orienting ourselves in relation to existing and selected narratives.

HEAR & NOW is a multimedia pop-up presenting the fieldwork of scholars who are also activists, researchers who are also storytellers, oral historians who are also community members. We, the members of OHMA, are intent on confronting our own roles, rights, and responsibilities as producers of knowledge, and urgently embrace the changeability of history. In many ways, this exhibit is an intervention. The telling of the past has been actively and hegemonically filtered, but we can work to recuperate silenced narratives and to change what capital-H History remembers moving forward. Let HEAR & NOW represent one of many efforts this year to recuperate these narratives.
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