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Our Mission

Campus Progress, part of the Center for American Progress, works to strengthen progressive voices on college and university campuses and to empower new progressive leaders nationwide. Through an on-line magazine and student publications, public events, and grassroots issue campaigns, Campus Progress supports young advocates, activists, journalists, and artists as they develop fresh ideas and perspectives and seek to communicate in new ways.

Campus Progress is working to see that the next generation of progressive leaders is better trained, better informed, more diverse, and more united than any generation before. We’re helping to build a strong progressive movement by connecting young people across the divides of region, background, and issue interests, and working to keep them connected over time.

While some portray U.S. campuses as bastions of liberalism, 30 years of heavily-funded conservative organizing has made its mark, and the future is up for grabs. Campus Progress is helping young progressives come together, win the battle of ideas, and turn their ideas into action.

Campus Progress primarily organizes at colleges and universities—where many young people are concentrated and easier to reach—but we intend our work to be accessible and useful to everyone. Even if you’re not a college student, or a young person at all, or even if you don’t share our views, we hope you’ll visit our website. There’s plenty of news, debate, and controversy, great writing, and eye-opening multimedia. Look around, create your own blog, pitch us a story, post your comments.


What We Do

Campus Progress works with young progressives online, on campus, and on the job:

* - Our web magazine offers hard-hitting journalism, analysis, and multimedia on issues of the greatest concern to young people; gives young writers, reporters, artists, and others the chance to publish nationally; and builds a community of progressives interested in issues, ideas, and activism. In addition to the daily web magazine, we regularly publish a print edition of

* Student publications – Campus Progress funds, trains, and mentors students running a diverse and growing group of campus progressive publications. Grants and assistance help students promote their publications, expand print runs, sponsor events, and network their web sites with other campus publications and

* Campus Progress Speakers Bureau - Our Speakers Bureau sends prominent speakers to colleges and universities for speeches, debates, discussions, and film screenings. The Speakers Bureau also provides resources for planning your own campus event, and it holds summer events for interns.

* Issue Campaigns and Action Grants – Campus Progress provides support, advice, and materials to students engaged in public education/advocacy campaigns on issues like Sudan, the Iraq war, living wage, poverty and the death penalty. We also engage students in national issue campaigns on critical issues from global warming to civil rights, student debt to academic freedom.

* Conferences and training programs for students - Our annual National Student Conference in Washington DC brings together 1000 students and dozens of leading speakers (including past keynote speakers Bill Clinton and Barack Obama) for issue discussions, skills trainings, and networking. We also hold DC, regional, and campus trainings on journalism, media skills, and grassroots organizing, sometimes working with partners like Wellstone Action, the Student PIRGs, and The Nation magazine.

* Student Advisory Board and Student Representatives - Campus Progress Student Advisory Board members and Student Reps, selected each year from a growing pool of applicants, help shape the course of Campus Progress by providing advice and feedback, organizing campaigns and events, and connecting at their schools and across campuses to advance progressive messages and goals.

What You Can Do

* Get our weekly e-mail newsletter - Sign up to get updates and other information about Campus Progress, including our weekly bulletin of new articles and events.

* Contribute your work to – Campus Progress is always looking for new reporting, commentary, photographs, cartoons, audio, and video, and we often pay cash for substantial pieces.

* Blog on our site - Create your own CampusProgressPage, so you can start blogging and connecting with other young progressives.

* Apply for Campus Progress support to launch or advance your campus publication.

* Host a Campus Progress speaking event or a film screening at your school.

* Connect your campus activism with Campus Progress – Apply for support for your issue campaign or join with one of our national campaigns.

* Apply to become a Campus Progress Student Rep.

* Attend our annual Campus Progress National Student Conference.

* Apply for internships and check for job opportunities at Campus Progress and the Center for American Progress.

* Spread the word!


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