Students Toward A New Democracy - University of Miami

1238 Dickinson Dr.
APT 34 V
Coral Gables, Florida 33146
United States
Students Toward A New Democracy is a student organization at the University of Miami that strives to create an activist culture in an historically apathetic student body.

We aim to create a foundational activist culture and social network which extends beyond the walls of the school and into the local community.

We work in collaborative efforts with existing progressive student organizations to consolidate our resources, collective knowledge, and social capital. Our issues range from Living Wage to environmentalism; gay rights to race issues.

Our purpose is simple. We are here to nurture and maintain a culture of progressive activism; a social and political foundation on which we may build a better society. By educating each other of our respective struggles, we bridge the gaps that divide us.

We are here:
Because apathy leads to tyranny
Because Freedom is not a fair-weather friend
Because all great truths began with blasphemy
Because people should always come before profit
Because culture should not be defined by corporate logos
Because we see our planet dying
Because most people are not male, white, and rich
Because balances are not being checked
and Because change is imperative
This is a campus group.
Geographical Scope: Local
Added on 03-09-2006
Updated on 08-14-2013

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