Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute

113 E Davis St.
Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387
United States
The Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute is a community-based educational project located in Yellow Springs, Ohio. This collectively-run educational project is dedicated to community engagement, rigorous academics, and critical inquiry as a means of engaging responsible members of the world community who care deeply about social justice and our collective liberation.
Within unusual classroom settings; such as coffee shops, community centers, local farms, and the living-rooms of local town residents, multi-generational classes take place where students explore topics of Revolution: Theory and Practice, Local and Sustainable Agriculture, Visions of Suburbia, Community Journalism, and more.
The Nonstop community is structured on a system of shared governance – where students, faculty, and staff all have an equal voice in the decision making power of the organization. This Community Process is facilitated by Community Managers who engage the community in our Councils, Committees, Independent Groups, and weekly Community Meetings.
Tuition costs are $1,500 a term, but scholarships and work options are available so that students can meet their financial contributions. For more information please see: or
This is a campus group.
Geographical Scope: Local
Added on 11-11-2008
Updated on 11-11-2008

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