Nanobot Invasion

1430 Willamette #506
Eugene, Oregon 97401
United States
We uncover information about and mobilize activism around
issues of collusion between universities, military, defense contractors,
high tech industry, and the medical establishment. Our main focus is
nanotechnology (microscopic machines that can manipulate matter on the
atomic level), but we also monitor developing trends in smart clothes (computerized
apparel), genetic engineering, animal testing, artificial intelligence, medical informatics
(health records surviellance), and other inter-related technologies. While our
analysis is global in scope, regionally, we are based in the America west coast, primarily
University of Oregon in Eugene where the Ducks football team are being
used as test subjects for military smart clothes developed by such interests
as Intel and Nike.
We oppose empire and agitate for student, not military and corporate, control
of curriculum and research..
This is a campus group.
Geographical Scope: Local
Added on 10-18-2003
Updated on 10-21-2003


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