Karl Benson
School Address

Boston, Massachusetts 02125
United States
Permanent Address

Natick, Massachusetts 01760
United States
I'm currently a student at UMass Boston, where I am an anthropology major. Specifically, I study linguistic anthropology.

During my high school years, I was a member of Crossings, the gay-straight alliance. When I was a junior, I became the vice president. Finally, during senior year, I was president.

Nowadays, I'm hardly a part of anything, as I see the battle barely worth fighting anymore. Sure, the cause is right, but too many things have come with it. All I wanted were protections in home life and business life, as well as the right to marry. Now the damn GLBT movement is about allowing people to make the state pay for the bills of sex reassignments, something that is entirely impossible to do completely. (Once you're born something, an operation can never change that. A male-to-female patient is ultimately just a mutilated male with a hole between his legs.) Or it's about having cross-dressers running around with completely ridiculous outfits that smack of stupidity and outlandishness. I don't care for these people in the slightest and I don't find it fitting that gay rights are lumped with these people.

I do still help my high school's GSA whenever possible. In the future, I may help my university's Queer Student Union, as long as they don't do stupid and outlandish things.
Added on 09-27-2004
Updated on 01-25-2006

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