Nathan Brown
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Washington, District of Columbia 20012
United States
This is a campus activist.
I was an active student organizer when I was in college at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas (a small liberal arts college that was not religious even though the name might cause you to think otherwise). I was part of organizing a number of different things, but my work broke down into two major areas:

1) Changing my school to let me and other students have more freedom to study what we want.

2) Encourage individuals and institutions to consider the social and environmental impacts of their economic activity.

In the first area I was able to accomplish two things I think are worth mentioning:

1) I co-create and co-facilitated a student lead seminar in sustainable development. We got full course credit, students developed all the materials and did all of the evaluating of each others work.

2) I got my school to allow students to create their own interdisciplinary majors.

In the second area the primary accomplishment that I think consider worth mentioning is that I, along with two other students, conducted a statistically significant survey of our student body to determine what social and environmental considerations they wanted our university to take into account when investing our endowment. We created a report with all our findings, which I'd be happy to share with anyone who is interested. It also explains how we did our research in case others want to do a similar survey.

Finally, I helped form a number of student groups and spearheaded the development and administration of a local currency pilot project in San Antonio, as well as doing a whole host of other fun organizing work!
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