Meighan Davis
Permanent Address

Washington D.C., District of Columbia 20006
United States
Meighan Davis works for the AFL-CIO’s Organizing Institute. Her work focuses on helping national organizations develop innovative programs to nurture young organizers and train the next generation of union organizers.

This past campaign season, she served as the Organizing Director for MoveOn Student Action, a joint project of the Voter Fund and Clickback America. MoveOn Student Action worked with hundreds of thousands of students to run campaigns and effect elections to combine and increase the power of young progressives in the 2004 election.

Prior to her work at MoveOn, Meighan served as the National Director for the Sierra Student Coalition, the student-run arm of the Sierra Club. At the Sierra Club, she directed the largest, most effective national student environmental organization in the country, raising thousands of dollars and garnering national media attention. Before becoming staff for SSC, her work as a student organizer focused on national forest issues, specifically coordinating the volunteer campaign to promote post-consumer recycled paper on campus which successfully forced Staples Inc., Boise Cascade, Office Depot and others to commit to protecting endangered forests. As a college student, Meighan served on the Board of Directors for the Dogwood Alliance working to protect southern forests.

Meighan served as a Democracy Summer Organizer in 2002 and spent the summer in Eastern North Carolina coordinating a successful campaign finance reform effort that led to the passage of the Judicial Campaign Reform Act. This is the first piece of legislation passed in North Carolina to promote a larger strategy for complete voter-owned elections in the state. Meighan hopes to return one day to North Carolina and run her own publicly-financed campaign for State Senate.

She currently is the secretary for the Board of Directors of the League of Pissed Off Voters. Meighan graduated from Peace College in 2003, focusing her studies on Biology and Leadership Studies. A native of North Carolina, Meighan is 23 years old and currently resides in D.C and desperately misses sweet tea.
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