Anjel Craig
School Address

Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39406
United States
Permanent Address

Carriere, Mississippi 394`2
United States
This is a campus activist.
I am senior biology major with an emphasis on Environmental Science at the University of Southern Mississippi. I am a passionate and ardent environmental activist, and president of my campus Sierra Club chapter. While eco-activism is my main focus, I am also very involved in different social justice movements, and am a member the Feminist Majority Leadership, Amnesty International, Gay Straight Alliance, and Workers Right Consortium. I am interested in queer, environmental animal rights, pro-choice, women’s rights, workers rights, aboriginal and indigenous issues. I have been a vegetarian for almost 3 years now, and while I still do eat fish occasionally, I do my best to eat and consume as ethically as possible. I am proud to be part of the global generation of feminism, and while I feel lucky to be apart of the first generation of women to have such great opportunity, I recognize we have much further to go. Growing up in Mississippi, I have known racism all my life and recognize the privilege white skin affords me, while looking to break down the institutions that create racial inequality in my home state. Outside of my activism I am an active member of the furry fandom, and am looking for ways to intersect these two aspects of my life. I am currently building a fursuit which I hope to use at protests, because I think a giant purple bunny will garnish a lot of attention for the cause. I am looking to find other progressive active people in my area, especially in Mississippi.
Added on 10-09-2005
Updated on 10-09-2005

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