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This is a campus activist.
Hello, my name is John May and I am a student at Kent State University here in northeast Ohio.

I originally was interested in starting my own non-profit organization but I stubbled accross your site. I am very interested in helping your non-profit organization. I would love to help raise money to clean Africa's water and to have water treatment facilities built, operated, and maintained in Africa's poorest nations. I actually want to do physical and mental work, not just give you money, although I want to help raise money, I want to spread the word and let everybody know about this crisis. All Africans should have access to clean water just as all Americans do. We take it for granted every day but we must focus on the source of disease in Africa, the drinking water.

Millions of children are dying due to the lack of sanitation. But with clean water in places never dreamed, Africa's people will not have to worrying about dying anymore. It is the simple matter of cleaning the water that give hope to these people. Where there is clean water, people gather, and where there are people, there will be trade and business, allowing Africa's economy to grow from the poorest to the brightest! Africa's people will not have to worry about tomorrow, and they will have hopes and dreams as everyone else in the world should have. With Africa's troubling and corrupt government, we need to reach out and help our friends. This is a daunting task, so by joining your organization I hope to help make the future for Africa bright.

We must persist in our goal and NOT give up. I urge you and your friends to make your oraganization known around the world. I would love to join you and invite everyone else to put a stop to such culture of envy and greed in Africa. It is time to turn the page and move on towards a new direction. A direction of Life, Prosperity, and Pursuit of Happiness!!
This project will take a lifetime committment that I am willing to take!

I would love to take the ideas before Congress and the World, and gain the support of every human on the planet. That is the committment it must take to help the poor nations of Africa

Thank You!
John May
KSU Student
President Biology and Geology Clubs @ KSU Stark
Added on 11-17-2005
Updated on 11-17-2005

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