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Washington, District of Columbia 20003
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This is a campus activist.
Beth and other Free The Planet! staff people are available to do trainings on grassroots organizing skills and issue briefings on a variety of environmental issues at schools across the country. Below is a list of trainings and presentations we run.

Issue Presentations
· The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: A National Treasure
· Corporate Campaigns: How Ordinary Citizens Are Changing Corporate America’s Practices
· Corporate Greenwashing: What Is It And How Does It Affect You?
· Drive Ford Green: Changing The American Auto Industry One Company At A Time
· Fair Trade Coffee: How Your Morning Cup Can Help Farmers And The Environment
· Genetically Engineered Foods: Do They Help Us or Hurt Us?
· Give Corporations The Boot: How To De-Brand Your Campus
· Global Warming: A Burning Issue
· Green Your Campus: Ten Things You Can Do To Reduce The Impact Of Your School
· The History Of The American Environmental Movement: What Came Before Us
· Organic Cotton: How Your School’s T-Shirts Can Reduce The Use Of Toxic Chemicals
· Organic Foods: How Your Dining Hall Can Make Our Air And Water Cleaner
· The Paper Campaign: Demanding Sustainable Paper To Protect Our Wild Places
· Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: How To Curb The Effects of Consumption
· Renewable Energy: A Necessity, Not An Alternative
· Victoria’s Dirty Secret: How The Catalog Industry Destroys Our Endangered Forests
· Wilderness Preservation: Why We Need To Keep It Wild

Group Building Skills Workshops
· Build The Movement: How To Start A New Student Group
· Getting It All Done In An Hour: Running Productive Meetings
· Growing Your Group: Recruiting and Retaining Members and Developing Leaders
· It’s All About The Benjamins: Fundraising For Your Group
· We Have An Environmental Group?: Making Your Group Visible On Campus

Campaign Skills Workshops
· Earn Your 15 Minutes Of Fame: How To Get Media Attention
· Get Your Win On: How To Plan and Run Winning Campaigns
· How To Have A Rockin’ Rally: Organizing Large Events
· People Power: Grassroots Tactics to Win
· Talk To Me: Developing Your Message and Speaking Publicly
· Wait Who’s My Representative?: How To Lobby Elected Officials
· We Can Accomplish More Together: Building Coalitions with Other Groups

Check out for more information about our trainings and briefings or to schedule an event!

Beth Kemler has been an environmental activist since 1998. As a student at St. Mary's College of Maryland, she held leadership positions in Student Environmental Action Coalition and Bay Savers as well as groups working for social justice. Each summer during college, she worked for the Campaign to Save the Environment, running grassroots campaigns and building public support for non-profit public interest groups.

After graduating from St. Mary's in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology/Sociology and Environmental Studies, Beth worked as a Campus Organizer for the Connecticut Public Interest Research Group (ConnPIRG) for two years. As a campus organizer, she worked with students in the ConnPIRG chapters at Trinity College and the Hartford branch campus of University of Connecticut. Her work involved training students campaign at the grassroots level and working with them to win their campaigns. She joined the staff of Free The Planet! in July of 2003 and is currently the Director. Over her time as an activist, she's worked on campaigns, among others, to:
- Reinstate the Superfund polluter pays tax;
- Instate and defend the Roadless Area Conservation Rule;
- Increase recycling and composting on college campuses;
- Reduce the amount of water pollution entering Pennsylvania's waterways;
- Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil drilling;
- Convince Nestle to stop using genetically engineered ingredients;
- Reduce air pollution from power plants in Connecticut;
- Convince Trinity College to purchase renewable energy;
- Convince Staples to stop using wood from endangered forests in their paper products; and
- Protect open spaces in Pennsylvania.
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