Donna Hand
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Willcox, Arizona 85643
United States
This is a campus activist.
Donna L. Hand
Willcox, Arizona
For the fun of it – Make your words sound like music
My Biography
To introduce myself, Donna Hand is who I am, imaginative and passionate. I am 48 years old this year, and I was born in Omaha, Nebr. I am a 3-year recovering addict, alcoholic, and recent ex-smoker. Besides my career goals and hobbies, I am trying to improve my emotional health and physical health, so I can live long enough to graduate and use my degrees. Arts and crafts are what I like to do for fun. I have had various jobs before from innovative cuisine, to cashier, to critical management positions, to being a reputable elected official, and a good volunteer firefighter. I impressively began college early on, but never finished after high school. It is a good time to obtain my formidable degree.
I am now in cognitive therapy, to change, eventually the fashion I frequently perceive myself and to have a different approach in my spiritual life and the modern world, However, I am ceaselessly learning a massive amount about myself. What the possibilities are that I can become in the future to come. Going back to college, I thought was only a dream, a distant dream. Dreams come true, if you act on them. I have currently returned to work part-time at a selective group home, which is a home for the mentally and physically disabled and I appreciate my job highly. I also have recently begun a small foundation in my virtual community, personally to inform persons in the local area about drug abuse and relevant rehabilitation of disabilities, mental illness, drug abuse and alcohol.
I have six four legged children, the dogs names are Sime', Spud, Katie, Dina, and Eliza and the ferret is named Franklin. I live with my significant other in Arizona, named Carrie, who is also in college online classes. I reside in Willcox, Az. a very tiny community in the middle of nowhere. We have been distinguished for the excessive testing the Air Force does near here in the flat lands. Willcox is 60 miles from New Mexico, 70 miles from Mexico and 80 miles from Tucson. I am looking forward to being in this class.
I am attending Axia College at present. I have 38 credits to date I want to acquire my Associate of Arts in Business Degree at Axia College, then of course, my BA in Human Services/ Management at the UOP. My GPA is 3.66.
Never stop dreaming – Dreams can come true if you believe
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Updated on 05-30-2006

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