David Perez
School Address

Vallejo, California 94590
United States
Permanent Address

Fort Bragg, California 95437
United States
My Name is David Perez,
I'm currently enrolled at Cal Maritime Academy, I'm part of the 2010 graduation class. I'm a Global Studies and Maritime Affairs major, I want to work for the government when I graduate. We study the interconnectedness of not only U.S relations among the world, but how the whole international systmes functions as a whole, the pros and cons of globalization is also of very much concern to my-self. I'm proud of my heritage of being Mexican, but because of my status in the country my future is in jeopardy??????? I want to suceed in life, thats why I'm in college and paying all the tuition and living costs by myself and help with my parents its about $16,000 a year. I'm dont want government funding for my college education, nor do I want any special privilages, ALL I WANT IS A FAIR SHOT AT SUCEEDING WITH OUT THE BARRIER OF MY LEGAL STATUS IN THE COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!
With that said I want to be part of the campaign to pass and enact the Dream Act!!!!!!!
Thank You,
Added on 11-02-2006
Updated on 11-02-2006

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