Alexandra Canas
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Des Moines, Iowa 50315
United States
A full-time university student, I find that I still have a good chunk of free-time on my hands, most of which I devote to my two favorite pastimes: socializing and reading. Neither a party animal nor a book worm, I've found a cozy place between both worlds. Nuzzled securely between them, I am not so much limited as enabled to flow back and forth as I please. I adore everything political; or, more correctly, reading and talking about everything political. Certainly, not everything I read and hear is to my liking. In fact, the more I read and hear, the harder it is to keep my cynicism from flowering. With the steam of this bulging sardonicism behind me, however, I am propelled forcefully forward into the world of Political Activism. Here is where I hope to make my life. After attaining a Communications major with my German and Political Science minors, perhaps I will at last feel fulfilled in the heated pursuit of all that I thrive on.
General Interests: Reading, writing, anything political, debating (friendly, free-style, what have you); Cribbage, Rummy, and Gin-Rummy (I might as well be an old woman for all the cards I play); music, dancing (like a lunatic), photography, art, life, love, clichés, cinem
Favorite Music: ABBA, Ace of Base, The Ataris (yeah yeah, I know..), The Beach boys, The Beatles, Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five, Benny Goodman, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Billie Holiday, Billy Joel, Bob Marley, Bosse, Cat Stevens, Chicago, Christina Stürmer, Coldplay, Counting Cr
Favorite Books: The Clash of Fundamentalisms, On Bullshit, Biko, Against All Enemies, The Mother Tongue, Call of the Mall, Why We Buy, Never Eat Alone, Freakonomics, The Tipping Point, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, screenplays to both Amadeus and Inherit the Wind, Eic
Political Views: "Open-Minded", though seemingly opinionated. I may have a hunch or a leaning on issue X or Y, but I am never deaf to reason. In more label-esque terms, I suppose I'm a Leftist. Were it not for the primary use of the term "Vocalist", I would use that
Occupation: Student
Networking Goals: I want to make friends, perhaps even a few enemies, and find organizations or causes through which I can quench my activist-thirst. I just want to be out there, shouting and petitioning, brainstorming and letter-writing, crafting ideas, making goals, and
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