Tiffany Lucas
School Address

Beaver, Utah 84713
United States
Permanent Address

Salt Lake City, Utah 841 06
i am a recovering addict myself. i also had a cadac degree which i plan on recertification going to u of u. i am wanting to get involved in harm reduction and other means to reach those who are on the streets.
General Interests: i am an artist and a writer. i have spent time in utah as well as new mexico. i enjoy being close to my family. no kids, no dog, no husband. so i have alot of time to share with others.
Favorite Music: hard metal. disturbed, metallica, system of a down,queensryche, rage against the machine, pantera. you get the idea!
Favorite Books: stephan king, conversations with God, and others.
Political Views: open minded
Occupation: disabled but getting better
Networking Goals: i would like to find people who could mentor me. any kind of volunteer work would be great.i am willing to jump right in.
Added on 12-18-2008
Updated on 12-18-2008

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