Art Wetterer
Permanent Address

Lakeland, Florida 33803
United States
Former Marine who is now a Pacifist and highly desireous to become involved in a movement which will clearly send a message to our Government and society that the current philosophy of the US is immoral.
General Interests: Reading, volunteering, chess, and meeting people who THINK and QUESTION EVERYTHING.
Favorite Music: Stravinsky, Flamenco Guitar, Blues
Favorite Books: All of Dos Pasos, Orwell, Huxley, and Steinbeck along with any Author who forces you to think.
Political Views: Giving up on all current Politics.
There is so much to be done but I see no group to support.
Occupation: Retired
Networking Goals: Currently lost
Added on 10-21-2009
Updated on 10-21-2009


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