Annamarie Bolds
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Sacramento, California 95841
United States
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Sacramento, California 95828
United States
This is a campus activist.
I am in my 3rd semester at a community college.I am majoring in human services. I am a single mother of 2 sons. I am a returning student. Because of the adversities that I have suffered in my life, I am a point where I no longer victim. Its all about empowering myself, and learning and educating myself
General Interests: I am one of a group of people in my community college with the help of a professor, in forming a "diversity of intolerance" group. People need to be aware of their prejudices, and if I can help to change one persons mind-set, then I will have made a dif
Favorite Music: I love the old school and I like rap music in which I know a lot of young people like to listen to and if we can use any kind of music as a tool to reach out to our youth, and teach them positive skills, and empowerment, to help them in their lives.
Favorite Books: My favorite books are non-fiction. Real life stories.
Political Views: I am a democratic, and I believe that one should not accept what is being fed to our minds in regards to the media, institutions, government. We have to question and not accept what other people feed us.
Occupation: student
Networking Goals: My net-working goals are to connect and learn from other people. I used to be a victim of oppression. I want to learn more about Diversity of Intolerance, so I can help other people, and I a believer that Knowledge is Power. If I can share my experience
Added on 12-05-2009
Updated on 12-05-2009

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