Roger Rensvold
Permanent Address

Midwest City, Oklahoma 73130
United States
Duncan High School, 1963.
OU, 1963-69 (no degree)
US Army, 1969-1989. Two tours in Vietnam.
BSc, Troy (Al), 1979
PhD, Georgia Tech, 1994.
Taught in Hong Kong, 1995-2004
Returned to US, teaching online 2006 to present.
General Interests: Progressive politics. Member MoveOn, active in OK Dem party (Precinct chair, Outreach Cmte, etc.)
Amateur astronomy
Science fiction
Favorite Music: the Beethoven late quartets
"Das Ring der Niebelungen"
Favorite Books: recent works by various progressive authors; e.g., "How Markets Fail," "The Myth of the Rational Market," "The Lords of Finance."

The Culture novels of Iain M. Banks.
Political Views: I was raised in the Bircher base of the GOP, and it took me awhile to realize that their basic philosophical tenents were shit. Getting a PhD in management and living abroad were both enlightening. I had my "road to Damascus" moment during the 2008 camp
Occupation: Professor
Networking Goals: to help out however I can. In addition to my progressive beliefs, I have a LOT of life experience to share with whomever's interested.
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