Debbie Castro
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Arlington, Virginia 22209
United States
This is a campus activist.
Debbie Castro
Campus Outreach Director
Feminist Majority Foundation

Debbie Castro began her work with the Feminist Majority Foundation as a Campus Organizer, mobilizing students in diverse communities in Southern California. As a Campus Organizer, Castro traveled to over 50 US colleges and universities. As a member of the FMF Campus Team, she helped to organize outreach and logistics for a speaking tour with FMF President Eleanor Smeal in the fall of 1999, organized trainings on voter mobilization during the 2000 presidential elections, and coordinated trainings for the Prescribe Choice campaign to increase availability for Emergency Contraception and Mifepristone (formerly RU-486) in the spring of 2001.

While a Campus Organizer, Castro cultivated skills in online organizing. Drawing upon her technical experience with HTML programming and her online community experience with bulletin boards, listservs, and chats, Castro began working with the FMF Campus website, Castro helped coordinate the technology booth presentations at Feminist Expo 2000 and has conducted trainings in web building for students participating in Feminist Leadership Institutes and the Feminist Majority Foundation?s Internship Program.

As FMF Director of the Campus Website, Castro implemented national campaigns through innovative web strategies and activates FMF?s online community through our grassroots campaigns. Castro has organized major event chats with Ms. magazine co-founder, Gloria Steinem, FMF Help Afghan Women Chair, Mavis Leno, singer and activist, Holly Near, and FMF President Eleanor Smeal.

Castro currently Directs Campus Outreach, through field visits, conferences, networking, and other grassroots strategies. Castro is a Cum Laude honors graduate of the University of California at Irvine, with a major in Social Science and course work in Women?s Studies.
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