Mike Jones
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Washington, District of Columbia 20010
United States
This is a campus activist.
I was a student at UNC Chapel Hill from 1988-90 and worked with members of SEAC and TaRP to promote recycling on campus. Along with my roommate Scott Gibson I started the first multi-material recycling program on campus which consisted of us loading up bins of cans, bottles and paper in the back of my '68 Mustang and shuttling them to the town's recycling site on Hwy 54.
Now a dozen years later, I am back in school at the University of Maryland and working to promote a variety of environmental agendas on campus. I am currently the SGA Environmental Affairs Committee Chair, the President of the Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, and was just elected to the University Senate as the student representative for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
I am trying to get the campus to take a basic step by installing more outdoor recycling bins in high traffic locations, and also hope to push the university to adopt clean energy, low-impact development, and sustainable building practices and am looking for any and all help and advice on how to do it. I look forward to networking with other students across the country!
Added on 04-02-2004
Updated on 04-04-2004

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