New flyer with concerns about LaRouche
We at PRA are deeply concerned about the inroads that the Lyndon LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) is making on campuses, with youth more generally, and within the anti-war, anti-Bush movements. His is an authoritarian cult in progressive garb. Students are pressured to drop out of school and devote themselves full-time to "the movement," which amounts to working 12-hour days to advance the nutty ideas of perrennial fringe Democratic presidential candidate LaRouche (See, for instance this recent story from a colleague of ours at Inside Higher Education). LaRouche is deeply racist, mysoginist, homophobic, and antisemitic. He's a convicted tax cheat and, in the past, his followers have used violence to intimidate their progressive opponents. His operation has the resources to produce slick, compelling publications denouncing the neoconservative takeover of U.S. politics that appeal to young people who don't know the back story on the man and his movement.

To help counteract LaRouche's influence, PRA is releasing a new flyer that we think will be great tool for leafleting campuses and anti-war rallies: This double-sided, legal-sized flyer exposes LaRouche's record on bigotry and anti-environmentalism, as well as his crackpot conspiracies and criminal background.

We need your help to figure out how to reach as broad a cross-section of student and youth organizations as possible.

I would appreciate it if you would make this resource available through your networks and if you would share any suggestions you have about ways to ensure effective dissemination of the piece. I realize that you yourselves may not be all that familiar with LaRouche. To check out more about him and his movement, visit our site here:

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