2011 UC Santa Cruz Disorientation Guide

What is this you ask? The UC Santa Cruz Disorientation Guide is an annual student publication to incite critical thought and action through radical grassroots education.

The University of California system is currently at the precipice of dismantling, with unbelievable budget cuts and continuous tuition hikes in a system where public education is supposed to be free. Bluntly, The UC system is highly undemocratic and problematic. Luckily, the students have power as the 'clients' of the University. With thoughtful activism as our tool, we can create a new system based in social, economic, and political justice. The status quo should not and cannot stand. UCSC has a rich history of activism, and the writers of this document deeply wish for activism at UCSC to live on strongly, in the pursuit of a better future.

We are trying to write and share our own history of the university so that you can be a part of it.

This is an introduction to the side of this school that you might have heard about but wont find in your glossy orientation materials. This guide is designed as a resource, inspiration, and catalyst for you as you discover and get involved in the creative, radical communities and projects that thrive here in Santa Cruz.

Within these pages, you will find the research and analysis, art and humor we have collectively gathered in our efforts to expose the structures of our life and reorient our understanding of them.

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