Debt Resistors Operations Manual
This operations manual—written by an anonymous collective
of resistors, defaulters and allies from Strike Debt and
Occupy Wall Street—is for all those being crushed under
the weight of debt. It aims to provide specific tactics for
understanding and fighting against the debt system so that
we can all reclaim our lives and our communities. It contains
practical information, resources and insider tips for
individuals dealing with the dilemma of indebtedness in
the United States today and also introduces ideas for those
who have made the decision to take collective action.
The system of mafia capitalism has made it difficult,
if not impossible, for us to meet our basic needs, whether
we have debt or not, whether we pay it back or not. We
recognize that it is not easy to fight this system, that it is
not easy to withdraw consent from a financial world gone
mad. Make no mistake: the odds are stacked against us.
Laws surrounding debt lending, collection and buying are
notably complex, designed to keep debtors confused and
afraid. This manual is not designed to provide legal counsel;
it is a political act of mutual aid. We are not lawyers;
you may want to consult one before doing anything that
you think might be illegal. Look seriously into any of the
options we present before taking action. Be smart.

By Strike Debt / Occupy Wall Street.
132 pages

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