Campus Organizing Guide for Social Justice Groups

  • Introduction
  • Why Work for Peace & Justice on Campus?
  • How to Start a Group
  • Meetings & Group Process
  • Planning an Event
  • Planning a Campaign
  • Research
  • Publicity Techniques
  • Media and Press Releases
  • Building your Membership & Support Base
  • Nonviolent Direct Action
  • Bibliography
  • For the Long Haul
  • Helpful Organizations

    Center for Campus Organizing
    The Center for Campus Organizing (CCO) was an organization of students, faculty, staff and alumni working to extend the base for peace and justice organizing in the US. CCO introduced students to skills they will need to serve as lifelong community organizers, setting up communications networks, establishing a network of student and faculty/staff campus contacts, and promoting alternative campus media. We pooled the resources of liberal and progressive alumni to counter similar efforts on the right, and to build bridges between younger and older activists. CCO was an outgrowth of the University Conversion Project, a student activism clearinghouse founded out the movement against the Gulf War in 1991. Unfortunately CCO folded in the summer of 2002 and no longer exists.

    Written and Edited by:
    Rich Cowan, Nicole Newton, Jeremy Smith Alex Brozan, Niels Burger, Maia Homstad

    Mildly Revised in 2002 and in 2005 by: Aaron Kreider

    As of 2002 this guide is available online:

    This Guidebook was published in April 1995 as a supplement to a new quarterly bulletin, Study War No More. Cover design by Alex Brozan, top graphic by Sandy Von Duke, bottom photo by Jenny Brown, Gainsville Iguana.

    1995 Center for Campus Organizing. As of Nov. 2002 permission is granted by the Center for Campus Organizing to freely copy and distribute this guide. Note: the last two pages of the guide have been substantially updated by Aaron Kreider as they were out of date.

    ISBN 0-945210-04-3

    Thanks to the Arca Foundation, the NY Friends Group, and the Threshold Foundation for supporting this project. UCP is a project of the Central America Education Fund, a tax-exempt non-profit educational organization.