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20 Million Loud - Young Voter Campaign702-610-3832National
20% by 2010 CT Clean Energy Campaign860-232-6232State
All Diamonds are Blood Diamonds EmailNational
Alliance to Stop Cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security National
An End to Militarism in Berea High School(440) 826-0552Local
Arms Against War International
Banning University Military Recruiters National
Bhopal Disaster International
Boycott American Eagle212-332-9320Local
Boycott Boston University! International
Boycott JP Morgan Chase Student Loans917-365-3007National
Buffalo Field Campaign406-646-0070International
Burger King: Stop Sweatshops In Your Supply Chain239.657.8311National
Campaign Against Hate on the Internet International
Campaign for 9/11 Truth2062932301EmailInternational
Campaign for Affordable Textbooks916-448-4516National
Campaign for Fair Food239-657-8311National
Campaign for Teen Safety to defeat Prop 73415-890-1020State
Campaign to Cancel Africa's Debt202-546-7961International
Campaign to End AIDS877-EndAIDSNational
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