Site Release 3.0
The biggest difference in 3.0 version is invisible. Hmm, I said this about the second version but it is even more true for the third version.

The main difference is that the software is now split into two pieces: a server and a client. The server offers a series of web services (using NuSOAP). To access these services you can either use the default client, the simple webservice clients that are provided, or write your own interface.

This structural change allows other people to access the data in their own applications. For instance, if you have a simple php webpage, you can write a script that pulls information for all the groups in your city from

It also allows you to implement the software to have one server and multiple clients. For instance, you could have a central database of activist groups in the US, and have local clients that would access that information. Not only can they access it, but they can also customize it. So you can have a Philadelphia activist site, a DC Peace site, a Canada site, and other combinations.

Customization You can customize by: city, state, zip and radius, country, geographical scope, issue, network, campaign, or a combination of factors. You can also create a non-activist version. You can choose what features you want to enable/disable. For instance, you could disable schools if you didn't want them. You can name your site, replace the banner logo, and several other changes so that if you install the software into a directory of your site - it can generally match (eg fit-in) the rest of your site.

We added international character set support by converting most of the database into unicode (utf8). This should support the languages spoken by 95-99% of the world's population. Whereas previously we'd only supported chracaters with accents that are in the western european character set.

Support for Translation
You can translate the software into another language. We use '.po' files. So you need to use a program like PoEdit. An example of translation is our non-activist version where the activist terms were generalized so that the software would be more appealing to non-activists.

International Geocoding
We added support for international geocoding by using the geonames database of 2-3 million cities. For countries outside the US and Canada where we have less detailed geographical information, we use the city, state, and country name to derive a longitude and latitude. This allows us to map your location.

We are now using Google Maps API to map results. Now you can see results from a search or browsing plotted on a map, as well as in the traditional table format.

Users Can Share Control
Users can share control of an object with another user. This is useful if you want multiple people to be able to edit information for your group (so that if you leave, someone else can update it).

New Email Newsletter System
We started to use SwiftMailer to send out the email newsletter and added a delay so that we don't get in trouble for spam. SwiftMailer is more efficient than using the php mail() function.

Easier Installation
We wrote instructions for installing it and it comes with an installation script.

Better Documentation
There is a developer manual, and you can also use PHPDOC.