Becoming a Peacebuilder

Starting Date: 10-15-2005
Starting Time: 2:00pm

Studio B
209 Fairmount Avenue,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19131
United States
The Peace Company presents a workshop to learn how to let ‘the peacebuilder within’ be an active presence in the world. This highly interactive workshop will introduce you to the three basic principles of peacebuilding. First, Know Where You Are – find the living spirit of peace within yourself, in your values and vision for peace and your place of true inner peace. Second, Meet the Other – soften the hardened heart and connect deeply with those where there is hurt, fear, difference, conflict, or anger. Third, See What You Can Do Together – move that connection into creative action that grows peace in concrete ways. You will come away with tools that you can use to make a difference – in your life, your family, your community, and this one world we all call home. FREE. Registration required.
Geographical Scope: Local

Youth VentureVirginia

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