STOP THE WAR: Understanding and Confronting America's Conflict with Iraq

Starting Date: 01-11-2003
Starting Time: 10:00am
Ending Date: 01-12-2003

University Of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan
United States
As the US government moves steadily towards a military confrontation with Iraq, resistance to US foreign policy in the Gulf has been growing constantly. With this situation in mind, student activists at the University of Michigan have organized the STOP THE WAR Conference, which will be a productive space both for activists to build connections to increase the effectiveness of the antiwar movement, and for those who want to learn more about the multitude of issues involved in the US war on Iraq. This conference will be an amazing opportunity to meet and network with other activists and educate yourself on this pressing issue. Conference organizers have gathered a group of experienced activists and world-reknowned intellectuals to give lectures and lead workshops on a wide range of issues.

Registration is required to attend. Please visit the website to register.

The current list of guest speakers includes:
As'ad Abukhalil
Michael Albert
Hatem Bazian
Karima Bennoune
Phyllis Bennis (tentative)
Mahdi Bray
Congressman David Bonior
Andrea Buffa
Congressman John Conyers
Kevin Danaher (tentative)
Riva Enteen
Robert Jensen
Ramzi Kysia
Rania Masri
Reverend Edwin Rowe
Rudy Simons
Susan Wright
Stephen Zunes

David Roviks playing us some rad ass political folk tunes.
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