Film screening at Mich. State. Univ.

Starting Date: 10-18-2005
Starting Time: 7:00pm

Giltner Hall Auditorium (Room 146)
Michigan State University
Lansing, Michigan
United States
Join Student Pugwash USA at a screening of "Last Best Chance," a docudrama about nuclear terrorism. The film shows the numerous channels available to terrorists to procure nuclear weapons, and raises questions about current international commitments to safeguard nuclear materials.

Student Pugwash USA brings together science, health, technology and policy students to discover how they can make social responsibility a guiding focus of their academic and professional endeavors. By examining current issues in science and society, Student Pugwash members are empowered to pursue socially responsible career choices and the means to affect change elsewhere: in the classroom, in their community, and even on the national or international level.
Geographical Scope: Local

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