Connecticut Climate Campaign Summit

Starting Date: 10-21-2005
Ending Date: 10-22-2005

57 High Street
New Haven, Connecticut 06511
United States
On October 21 and 22, the Connecticut Climate Campaign will be hosting its annual conference at Yale University in New Haven. Friday will include panels discussions covering recent Climate hange science and implications, as well as the Kyoto Protocol and alternative climate policy options. Speakers include Rajendra Pachauri (the chair of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)), J. Gustave Speth (author of "Red Sky at Morning"), along with professors from Germany, Russia, India and Nigeria. On Saturday, we will focus on student action, including activist trainings with the Sierra Student Coalition, updates on state issues (especially the Clean Energy Option on CT electricity bills), and learning from the experiences at other CT universities on biodiesel projects, renewable energy installation, and other

There will be housing (and movies and dinner) on Friday night, but feel free to return to your campuses that night. You can also come to the conference as you'd like throughout the weekend - please note when you'll be there, if you need housing and what activities on Saturday interest you most! This will help us plan an effective schedule for you and other participants!

Friday, October 21: Global Warming: Looking Beyond Kyoto arranged by
Yale Center for the Study of Globalization

8:45-10:30 Climate Change Detection and Scenarios: Re-Examining the Evidence
Chair: J. Gustave Speth, Dean, School of Forestry and Environmental
- Rajendra K. Pachauri, TERI and Chair, IPCC
- Richard Lindzen, MIT
- Stefan Rahmstorf, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

11:00-1:00 Key Vulnerabilities to Climate Change
Chair: Xuhui Lee, Professor of Forest Meteorology and Micrometeorology, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
- Robert W. Corell, American Meteorological Society
- Stephen Schneider, Stanford University
- Anthony Nyong, Jos University, Nigeria
- Rob Mendelsohn, Yale University
- Cynthia Rosenzweig, GISS, NASA

1:00-2:00 Visit to and Explanation of Yale Fuel Cell

2:00-4:00 The Kyoto Protocol: Consequences and Opportunities for Transformation
- William Nordhaus, Yale University
- Robert Stavins, Harvard University
- Ken Newcombe, The World Bank
- Gernot Klepper, Kiel Institute for World Economics

4:00-5:45 Alternative Climate Policy Options
Chair: Arnulf GrĂ¼bler, Professor in the Field of Energy and Technology
- Thomas Heller, Stanford University
- Klaus Lackner, Columbia University

Evening: Dinner, Oil on Ice film screening

Saturday, October 22: Student Action Day (9-3)

Activist Trainings with the Sierra Student Coalition
- Climate Justice
- Managing a campaign
- Effective organizing

Visits to Yale Renewable Energy Facilities
- Biodiesel reactor - converts Yale's waste vegetable oil to
biodiesel used in our observatory
- Yale Organic Farm and Sustainable Food Project, tour and lunch
- New Haven's first solar-powered house, designed by Yale architecture students

State, Campus, Individual Action
- Clean Diesel at state legislature - Clean Energy Option on Utility Bills - city competitions for
renewable energy
- Campus Climate Challenge update -
- Updates on your schools activities!
Geographical Scope: State

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