Israeli and Palestinian Activists speak after performance of Desert Sunrise

Starting Date: 10-21-2005
Starting Time: 8:00pm

Theater For The New City, 155 First Ave
New York, New York 10003
United States
Israeli-Palestinian Partnership for Peace
A Talkback after the performance of

Desert Sunrise
Written and Directed by
Misha Shulman

Theater for the New City
155 First Ave. @10th st.
(212) 254-1109, $15
Friday, 10/21/05 @ 8:00pm

Come and join leading Israeli and Palestinian activists from one of the most active peace organizations in the Middle East, Taayush – Israeli-Palestinian Partnership for Peace, in a talk after the performance of Taayush member Misha Shulman’s play Desert Sunrise. The activists, including McArthur fellow and Rothschild Prize winner Prof. David Shulman, will discuss the organization’s work in Israel/Palestine, and in the South Hebron Hills in particular.
Desert Sunrise portrays an encounter in the South Hebron Hills between an Israeli soldier, a Palestinian shepherd and a young tormented Palestinian woman.
Over the course of one memorable night the process of mutual understanding begins, halts, gets rejected, but is ultimately embraced by the pained characters. Using humor, music, poetry and dance the play unfolds toward its tragic yet hopeful ending.

“Shulman delivers his message with eloquence, intelligence and beauty.”
Richard Hinijosa,
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