The People Next Door by Henry Adam

Starting Date: 01-13-2006
Starting Time: 8:00pm
Ending Date: 02-04-2006

Yale Repertory Theatre
1120 Chapel Street
New Haven, Connecticut 06511
United States
Nigel doesn’t handle stress very well. So while the rest of Britain races around in a post-9/11 panic, he takes refuge in his flat with his video games, his disability checks, and his reefer – always under the suspicious eye of his nosy neighbor, Mrs. Mac. When a deranged cop decides to enlist him in a covert counter-terrorism operation, Nigel’s life is thrown into high gear with uproarious results. A hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and lauded throughout Europe, The People Next Door is Henry Adam’s gutsy black comedy about the unlikely family bonds that can be created in the darkest times and most unexpected places – the back alleys of the war on terror. (Adult Content)
Geographical Scope: Local

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