Mary J. Bliges Anti-Fur Protes

Starting Date: 01-01-2006
Starting Time: 11:00pm

511 Lexington Avenue
Btwn 47th And 48th
New York, New York 10033
United States
Our belief is that most people are good by nature and if made aware of all the suffering animals endure when raised and killed for luxury goods-that many will be moved to make more compassionate consumer choices. Our NYC events expose the horrific realities of the fur trade to consumers in a non-threatening, visual format, that promotes intelligent dialog with those of a different view. We believe that through the mastery of temperaments and eloquence of words that the message of compassion is heard the clearest .

Every year, 40 million animals are killed for their fur. 75 % of animals killed for fur are raised in intensive confinement in tiny wire cages on factory-style fur farms where they are susceptible to disease and heatstroke. Cannibalism and self-mutilation are common, as the animals are driven insane by the frustration of fundamental instincts and desires in confinement. The other 25% are captured in painful traps in the wild, which break bones, rip flesh and tendons, crush internal organs, but often do not actually kill the animals, leaving them in terror and agony for days until the trappers come along and kills them, often by stomping on their lungs.

Killing methods are even more cruel on fur farms, including genital and anal electrocution, crude neck-breaking, lung stomping, strangulation, forced suffocation, crushing of internal organs, painful lethal injections, hypothermia, drowning, and countless other cruel methods. No federal, state, or local laws regulate the treatment or methods of killing animals raised for fur.

NYC Animal Rights is an active grassroots organization working to inform the public about animal exploitation and abuse. Through community outreach, networking, legislation, public education and vocal demonstrations, we speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. We are a registered non-profit charitable organization in the state of New York.

On this site you will find a listing of NYC Animal Rights events, Poetry, Music, Essays, Photos and other Animal Rights stuff. Visit us often for daily update.

Please don't wear Fur.
Geographical Scope: Local

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