Exploring Scholarly Activism and Activist Scholarship - Gender and Development

Starting Date: 03-25-2006

U Missouri
Kansas City, Missouri 64110
United States
We are inviting papers that critically examine the role of gender in cultural, economic, and political development. Papers can focus on theoretical aspects of gender and development, present case studies, and/or explore the connections between scholarship and activism.

Topics can include such areas of interest as gender and the state (e.g., criminalization and institutionalization of women; reproductive rights; gendered human rights, including rights to freedom of sexualities), gender and the economy (e.g., gender and paid and unpaid work; gendered economic and financial policies; gendered non-profit and non-governmental organizations; “third way” gendered development; gender, employment, and globalization), and gender and culture (e.g., gendered religions, gender and environmental impacts; gendered activism).

While we encourage a strong focus on the gendered lives of women, we also invite papers examining the gendered lives of men and transgendered people.

Deadline for Abstracts: December 1, 2005
Geographical Scope: State


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