Young Communist League 8th National Convention

Starting Date: 05-26-2006
Ending Date: 05-29-2006

New York, New York
United States
Our Future, Our Fight: Youth Beat Back the Ultra-Right!
Young Communist League, USA
Eighth National Convention
May 27-29, 2006 * New York City

Our generation is at a crossroads.

As the Bush gang dismantles everything that our parents and
grandparents fought for and won, as it offers our generation
up to die in a war that poisons our country’s name on the
lips of the world, as it turns a blind eye to
hurricane-ravaged communities that were already been torn
apart by racism, poverty, police brutality, and unemployment
– we have a choice to make.

Will we sit back and allow the ultra-right to destroy our
future? Or will we stand up together and build another
world? This is the struggle of our lifetime, and we must
demand a future. We must unite with the larger people’s
movements to defeat the ultra-right and win a world of
equality and peace, of free education and health care for
all – a socialist future!

Capitalism offers us no real, lasting solutions – only
more problems, as it squeezes out profit at every turn in
our lives. It underfunds our schools and recreation
programs, pays us low wages and raises our tuitions and
rents, recruits us to the military to wage a war for oil and
then turns around and robs us at the gas pump.

The Young Communist League, USA believes that we must
replace capitalism with socialism, a system where those who
create society’s wealth – the working class – can
fully enjoy it. The path to socialism comes in the
day-to-day struggles of our communities: putting an end to
racism, sexism, and homophobia, winning our right to free
education and good jobs, a lasting peace, health care for
all, and so much more.

On campuses and in communities across the country, we are
organizing like never before – building movements to take
back our country. Now we call upon our members and our
allies to join us in New York City from May 27-29th for our
Eighth National Convention.

The National Convention is the highest body of the YCL-USA,
and it brings young activists together to share strategies
and tactics, to elect our leadership, to set our direction
for the next period, and to enjoy recreational and cultural
activities that reflect the joy and energy of our movement.
It is open to all of our members, friends, and allies.

We couldn’t have chosen a better place than New York City,
where hip-hop was born, where International Women’s Day
was inspired, and where our organization is in the middle of
today’s movements and struggles. With the Bush
administration in a spiraling crisis and the 2006 elections
around the corner, there couldn’t be a better time to

See you in New York City!


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