Rainforest Action Network Strategic Action Training

Starting Date: 02-14-2003
Starting Time: 7:00pm
Ending Date: 02-16-2003

NYC, New York
United States
For years Rainforest Action Network has been at the forefront of the radical ecology and environmental movement, using strategic non-violent direct action to win protection for the world?s endangered forests and the cultures and creatures that call these places home. Our highly effective activist network has used a variety of tactics such as hanging banners, blockades of buildings and meetings, street theater, protests, and stopping logging trucks and ships. These actions not only call attention to the plight of the world?s forests but also help to stop the machine of destruction in its tracks. Over the years our activists have consistently been on the front lines of the battle for the Earth, from the streets of Seattle to the aisles of Home Depot and beyond. And we want you to join the network!

RAN is committed to giving activists the tools they need to work effectively and safely on the most pressing issues of our time. Our network of activists work not only on RAN campaigns, such as stopping Citigroup?s destructive fossil fuel investments or Boise?s old growth logging, but also use direct action to get results on issues of concern in their own communities.

The Strategic Action Training is offered in key regions throughout the U.S. and is a weekend long intensive. Our program features the best local trainers available coupled with skilled RAN trainers. In addition, RAN trainers are available to assist you with your specific needs for individual campaigns and projects.

What you can expect from the Strategic Action Training:

While each weekend intensive is different based on the needs and resources of the local communities, here are some topics that are generally covered in our trainings:

Non-violent direct action
Working with the media
Campaign strategy
Street theater
Direct action planning and design
Legal issues for activists
Grassroots organizing

Our program works to give you the hands-on training you need to feel comfortable with a variety of scenarios and tactics. We use discussions, role-plays, and taking the training out into the streets to make our weekends interactive, fun, and applicable.

YES! I am interested in attending RAN?s Strategic Action Training. RAN works to keep the cost of our trainings to a minimum. Most of our programs cost about $20.00 for the weekend. Scholarships are available, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

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